Make API security blind spots a thing of the past, from code to production

The ultimate automated NLP-based API security platform

API threats are a big and growing problem. According to Gartner, by 2022, API abuses will move from being an infrequent occurrence to the most-frequent attack vector, resulting in data breaches.

API threats leverage vulnerabilities at the application’s business logic level. Our platform helps eliminate security blind spots in your APIs and automate the ‘identify-analyze-mitigate’ cycle from dev to production.

This is achieved using NLP technology to analyze the application’s behavior. We analyze the API dialogue to cost-effectively model complex relations within the data and auto-identify anomalies in the context of the business logic.

Without Imvision
With Imvision

Biggest challenges in securing APIs

CI/CD Integration

diagram explaining the Imvision Solution
Screenshot from Imvision platform

Razor-sharp accuracy

Our AI-based NLP technology analyzes actual, complete API data – not just metadata

New levels of visibility

Our detailed dashboards tell the complete story: what happened, what it means and what needs to be done, enabling accumulated learning beyond the single incident

Screenshot from Imvision platform
Screenshot from Imvision platform

Advanced controls and analytics

The big picture can be easily drawn using our multi-layered analytics to successfully manage your API security posture

Continuous scoring of APIs

We prioritize APIs in terms of their threat level, so you can prioritize which ones to improve first

Screenshot from Imvision platform

Seamless integration

Chances are we are pre-integrated into any API management platform you are working with

With Imvision you can:

Effectively protect your APIs

Eliminate security blind spots

Automate your ‘identify-analyze-mitigate’ cycle

Derive value from development through production

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