Self-learning, holistic API Security. No coding, network configuration, or documentation needed.

Protecting the API functionality: A holistic approach

Each API is different and has its own unique vulnerabilities associated with its business logic. Exposing the logic, APIs become vulnerable to functional attacks, aiming to disrupt the expected flow of an application and exploit flaws in the design and implementation of the API. 

Using Imvision’s NLP-based technology, enterprises can start securing APIs in a holistic way. By analyzing the unique API dialogue and learning the application’s behavior, Imvision’s platform models the complex relationships within the data, and discovers all PI/PII data. 

Based on the learned logic, the platform is able to accurately detect and prevent breaches by identifying anomalous behaviors, and enable security teams to automatically simulate functional attacks.

Unique API security capabilities per stage in the API lifecycle


Securing APIs throughout the full life cycle

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OOTB ecosystem integrations

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Key API security capabilities per stage in the API life cycle

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Imvision API Security Platform gives you the ultimate advantage:

Data-driven discovery, PI/PII detection & API risk scoring

API specification analysis & attack simulation testing

Automated runtime anomaly detection & auto-prevention

Advanced attack analytics & mitigation recommendations

Without Imvision
With Imvision

Biggest challenges in securing APIs

How do you protect your APIs from functional attacks?

CI/CD Integration

diagram explaining the Imvision Solution
Screenshot from Imvision platform

Full Visibility

Poor visibility invites security breaches. Imvision provides you with the visibility you need to improve your API security posture and align teams, by mapping behaviors and flows across endpoints. Keep track of sensitive data and shadow APIs, and gain a deeper understanding of your consumers.

Proactive Testing

The best defense is a good offense. Imvision makes it easy to take a proactive approach to security when it comes to APIs, by automating vulnerability testing based on learned logic. Test as frequently as needed to keep up with the API development cycle and business demands. Open up only when you are secure.


Screenshot from Imvision platform
Screenshot from Imvision platform

Context-Aware Protection

Analyst fatigue is not a myth. Imvision helps you make sure your team remains razor-sharp and focused on what really matters, using behavior modeling to give every API the protection it deserves. Keep false positives to a minimum with continuous learning and reinforcing model decisions. Stay fresh and alert.

Swift Remediation

Ultimately, API vulnerabilities are bugs. Imvision supports developers and security analysts in quickly drilling down into security incidents, reviewing relevant logs, identifying root causes, reproducing bugs, and getting a detailed recommendation of what needs to be fixed. Remediate more, investigate less.

Screenshot from Imvision platform

Seamless integration

Chances are we are pre-integrated into any API management platform you are working with

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