Security Testing

Automated API security testing and recommendations

Prevent attacks by proactively identifying vulnerabilities, from production back to code. Accelerate remediation by automatically simulating attacks on your APIs based on learned business logic from production data.


Expect the unexpected

It is better to know where your weak links are before anyone else does. With Imvision’s Business Logic API Security Testing (BLAST), you can automatically test far beyond the schema, based on the learned business logic from runtime data collected. Protect from Zero-day attacks without any known signatures, 100% automated.

Greater efficiency and visibility

Effective communication is essential for effective security. Imvision enables security and development teams to prioritize remediation efforts and automatically generate enforcement policies as ‘virtual patches’ to block potential exploits. Be on the same page and take more effective action when it comes to security standards .

Validate your API security posture

APIs are constantly changing, and security needs to keep abreast. Imvision supports your vulnerability remediation process by getting immediate feedback on your remediation efforts, facilitating a rapid re-testing workflow: detect, fix, test, deploy, repeat. Tightly knit production and staging together for greater consistency and resilience.

How security leaders should REALLY read the OWASP API Top 10?

Learn how to be fully compliant and protected against the OWASP API Top 10 – throughout the full lifecycle

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Integrate with your CI/CD pipeline

Nobody likes bottlenecks. Imvision helps you make sure that automated security testing of your APIs becomes an integral part of the build process, helping dev, sec and ops focus on what matters most, save time with quick fixes, and collaborate effectively. Ship code that is fast and secure without any unnecessary manual effort.

News & Resources

July 22, 2021
This eBook explores the pros and cons of the common API security testing approaches, before looking at a new method that combines the best of both worlds to save you time and money while maturing towards a Full Lifecycle API Security approach.
July 14, 2021
Securing tomorrow’s applications begins with assessing the business risks today. It’s time that we as security leaders rethink our application security strategies to reflect new priorities, principles, and processes in the API-first era.
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