Runtime Protection

NLP-based anomaly detection and prevention

Detect, alert and prevent API abuses through context-aware protection, by harnessing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze all API data and model the application behaviors.

‘Meaningful Anomaly’: No muss, no fuss

Anomalies happen all the time. To keep false positives down, Imvision uses NLP to go beyond deviations from a statistical baseline to look for meaningful anomalies indicating intent to manipulate the API, pinpointing only deliberate deviations from the expected flow. Achieve less than 0.001% false positives at any scale.

Statistical Anomaly

Any deviation from the baseline behavior, without a clear context

Meaningful Anomaly

Deliberate deviation from the expected flow, with an explainable context

Block first, ask questions later

With some assets, you can’t afford to take any chances. Imvision enables you to deploy real time monitoring, by various endpoint-level insights – risk scores, sensitive data exposure and known vulnerabilities – to automatically prevent malicious transactions with minimal latency before they cause you harm.

Always know what to do next

There’s a big gap between finding something that’s broken and knowing how to fix it quickly. Imvision’s actionable remediation recommendations provide a clear and fast understanding of incidents and the next steps needed, so security and development teams can investigate and react accordingly.

How security leaders should REALLY read the OWASP API Top 10?

Learn how to be fully compliant and protected against the OWASP API Top 10 - throughout the full lifecycle

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Minimize time to remediation

Time is money risk. Once an exploitable flaw is detected, the countdown to remediation begins. Imvision’s platform provides developers with forensic support to fix flaws quickly. By reducing the investigation effort, you can find some spare time to resolve those pesky little security issues at the bottom of your pipeline.

Integrate with your SIEM and alerting tools

Understanding the bigger picture and revealing patterns of activity in real-time can be the difference between a successful and a thwarted attack. Imvision supports the delivery of API-related security incidents and alerts straight into your preferred SIEM and alerting tools, for further correlation and analysis.

News & Resources

November 21, 2021
How to accelerate remediation by seeing and controlling everything from one place. Centralized visibility of APIs is key. How not to get stuck in the discovery phase. How to effectively control APIs in multi-cloud environments. And what to ask developers to maintain visibility going forward.
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