API Discovery

Data-driven discovery, modeling, and risk scoring

Gain visibility across the board and deeply understand the business logic behind your APIs. Uncover endpoints, usage patterns, expected flows, and sensitive data exposure through full API payload data analysis.

Make sure no API is hiding in the shadows

It’s an enormous challenge to stay on top of your APIs across platforms, environments, teams, and applications. Imvision takes care of it for you, maintaining an up-to-date inventory of your APIs (even ones you didn’t know about) and identifying PII and sensitive data exposure. It’s all data-driven, without any documentation or developer time needed.

Know your APIs better than the attacker

The data passing through your APIs tells the story of your application, what it does and how it’s used. Imvision allows you to leverage this context to effectively secure your applications, using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to model the complex data relations, usage patterns, sequences, and flows.

Prioritize risks across the attack surface

Not all APIs were born equal. Imvision enables you to prioritize your attention where it matters most, going beyond the API inventory to calculate endpoint-level threat risk scores. It’s a continuous risk assessment based on API characteristics, detected anomalies, severity level, sensitive data exposure, methods, usage patterns, and authentication.

How security leaders should REALLY read the OWASP API top 10?

Learn how to be fully compliant and protected against
the OWASP API Top 10 - throughout the full life cycle

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Unified view across platforms

APIs are changing all the time. With Imvision, every change to your APIs is quickly identified and learned, so you can start monitoring for security incidents. Easily get the visibility you need across all platforms and environments, from the CISO-level security posture to the technical bottom of the issues in need of fixing.

Deploy once, secure always

Dedicated plugins connect to your API data across all your cloud services, no agents or networking configurations required. Imvision seamlessly connects with API gateways, load balancers, sidecars, reverse proxies, span ports – whatever it takes to integrate with your existing architecture.

News & Resources

July 22, 2021
This eBook explores the pros and cons of the common API security testing approaches, before looking at a new method that combines the best of both worlds to save you time and money while maturing towards a Full Lifecycle API Security approach.
July 14, 2021
Securing tomorrow’s applications begins with assessing the business risks today. It’s time that we as security leaders rethink our application security strategies to reflect new priorities, principles, and processes in the API-first era.
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