The Ultimate RFP Template for Enterprise API Security
Simplify the process of selecting the right API security vendor for your business

Selecting the right API security solution for your business can be challenging. Understanding your internal processes, requirements and stakeholders, the intricacies of the vendors’ technical and professional offerings – and assessing the fit between the two – is imperative.

We designed this RFP template to simplify the process of selecting API vendors by emphasizing the key features that safeguard APIs from breaches and adversarial behavior. This template draws on our experience working with enterprise security teams, covering various API security best practices around five aspects:

  1. API Discovery – Discovery, behavior modeling, and risk scoring for your APIs, endpoints, methods and PII/sensitive data exposure
  2. Runtime Protection – Detect, alert and prevent API abuses and data breaches through context-aware protection.
  3. Security Testing – Automated API security testing to proactively identify vulnerabilities and accelerate remediation.
  4. Investigation and Response – Dedicated attack analytics, incident response and reporting.
  5. Deployment and Support – Various integrations to support your existing architecture, platforms, tools and communications.


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