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Give every API the protection it deserves

No two APIs are the same. Each API serves a specific functionality, reflected in the business logic that guides it. This is also where general-purpose application security solutions fall short: they focus on complex policies rather than enabling APIs to meet their business purpose.

By applying an NLP-based technology, Imvision’s Anomaly Management Platform (AMP) is able to analyze the unique dialogue for every API, understand the application’s behavior, and model complex relations within the data. This enables to detect and prevent breaches, by identifying anomalous behaviors and breaks at the application’s business logic level.

With Imvision, enterprises are set to accelerate their digital transformation by making sure every API is individually protected, and every API call is scrutinized – no matter how many there are.

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Holistic API security solution, from code to production

Developers get relevant feedback during the design and testing stage, resulting in a more secure product

Detecting the unique bugs and vulnerabilities of each proprietary API in staging environments

Securing APIs through data-driven discovery, advanced controls and analytics, risk scoring, detection & prevention

Out of box deployment with all the platforms and tools you love working with

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